The Art Of High Speed Driving

Imagine you’ve stepped into the latest supercar; you’ve tightened the belts, your heart is racing, your focus is sharp, you’re zoned in. You select a gear, you press the throttle and feel the power…and all 500 BHP is right there, waiting to explode into action on the tips of your toes. You come out of the pits and onto the circuit. You look into the mirrors, racing cars are all around…you look straight ahead, and you finally realise what it feels like to be…The Driver.

Whether you’re an experienced track day goer, looking to broaden your knowledge and understanding of driving fast. Or whether you’ve never been on a race circuit before, we cater for all. 

Track Day Packages

The following packages are examples of track days that we have previously organised for clients. These are bespoke days and can be tailor made to suit your requirements. 


Porsche Cayman Track Day At Silverstone

Date Range: 
March - October
Prices From: £1000 pp | Limited to 8 places

Experience the thrill of driving a Porsche Cayman GT4 at Silverstone at high speed. This package allows you to learn how to master cornering, braking and accelerating around one of the best race circuits in the world, Silverstone. You will be paired up with an instructor for the day, who will sit alongside you, and help you improve your lines and technique. Our professional, Dino Zamparelli, will be running the day and helping all elements outside of the. At the end of the day, Dino will take you for hot laps in the car, showing just how far you can push the equipment.

Ariel Atom Track Day At Silverstone

Date Range:
March - October
Prices From: £750 pp | Limited to 12 places

This whole day experience takes place at Silverstone and pairs you up with an experienced instructor. The instructor will teach you how to master the corners, handling and power of the Ariel Atom. You will gain confidence and leave the day faster than when you arrive. Dino Zamparelli will help you find the limit with his hot laps experience in the car at the end of the day. This experience is limited to 12 places but you will have plenty of time to get accustomed to the car. Morning and afternoon sessions will allow you to run lots of laps, before some lunch and refreshments. This day will leave you wanting more and more.


I have worked closely with The Drivers Room to create Track Day Experiences that truly deliver in all aspects. We have got all bases covered and can entertain an individual up to 30 clients from a business looking to have a great day at the circuit. Having raced for so many years, I’ve picked up so much knowledge on what makes a track day good and how the experience can be intensified. You’ll learn the art of high speed driving and get some daring hot laps as a passenger at some of the best circuits in some of the best cars!
— Dino Zamparelli

 One to One Coaching

Looking to find those last few tenths? Or maybe you've never been on a race circuit, but you'd like to experience what it's like to Be The Racer? We can provide a professional racing driver, including our very own, to join you on your track day experience. We can help organise the car, the track and the logistics, so all you'd have to do is arrive and drive!


Private Groups

We can tailor a Track Day for a private group who are all looking to become the racers and enjoy an exciting track fuelled day. We can hire out the circuit, the cars and organise the day for you. Enquire below to tell us how you and your group would like to explore this expeerience with us.

Corporate Entertainment

We completely tailor make our business track days to suit your business in order to entertain your clients, staff or business associates in the way in which you want. From the cars, tracks through to the whole experience, talk to our experienced team about how we can make the day a special business day out.

We can create the perfect Track Day for you. So get in touch today to talk to our team about how we can create the perfect experience for you, your friends or your business.