Unforgettable Tours On Some Of The Most Picturesque Routes

The Drivers Room gives you, The Driver, the opportunity to visit some of Europe’s most desirable locations. From the Swiss and Austrian Alps to the Italian Lakes. The hills of Tuscany, to the sunny Cote d’Azur and the Provence…You are the Driver, and your experience is our priority. We take great pride in the quality of our chosen partners, and together we bring you access to some of the finest and most exclusive supercars around. Your experience comes first, and that’s why we select the routes that give you the ultimate drive in some of the most picturesque scenery in Europe.

We plan every last detail when it comes to Supercar Tours. We'll organise the cars, the locations, the evening entertainment, the route, the people, the coffee stops, the accommodation...and more. We'll do it all so that or you'll have to do is arrive, drive and relax! 

Supercar Tour Package Examples


The Black Forest Tour

Date Range: May - October
Event Type: Private Groups & Businesses
Price: £POA

Germany's Black Forest has some of the greatest roads in Europe, fast sweeping, and often deserted, these roads are perfect territory for supercars. This hand picked experience is a 3 day test event which gives you the opportunity to test drive some epic supercars such as the Ferrari 488GTB, Audi R8 V10 and Porsche 991 Series 2, Lamborghini Huracan and Mercedes AMG GTS.  This experience starts from the Spa resort of Baden Baden in the north of the forest, and includes 3 driving tours, covering all the greatest driving roads in the region, including pre war hill climbs, the legendary Hochstrasse/Route 500, as well as stretches of de-restricted German Autobahn.

Stelvio Pass 1.jpg

Austrian Alps & Stelvio Pass Tour

Date Range: June - October
Event Type: Private Groups & Businesses
Price: £POA

When it comes to the greatest driving roads in Europe, without doubt Austria Tops the list – glass smooth tarmac, perfectly cambered corners, and some of the most spectacular (and deserted) mountain passes – the region truly is a drivers paradise . The event starts from the Lakeside resort of Constance in Germany, and includes 3 driving tours, covering the mountain passes of the Austrian Vorarlberg region, combined with the sweeping German Alpine road, at the southern extremes of the Bavarian Alps, as well as the obligatory stretch of de-restricted German Autobahn.

Albula Pass 2.jpg

Swiss Alps Driving Weekend

Date Range: April - September
Event Type: Private Groups & Businesses
Price: £POA

A one day driving tour that takes in some of the most spectacular driving roads anywhere in the Alps, the legendary “Big 3” of the central Swiss Alps – Susten, Grimsel and Furka – three interconnected mountain passes, running more than 120KM, all topping out at more than 2200M. The tour also includes a scenic run around Lake Luzern, and along the path of the Rhine. In short, a drivers paradise for a day!

Supercar Tours are incredibly fun! Driving the best supercars that you’ve always dreamed of, around some of the best roads and places in Europe. Whether it’s one of our events or a corporate event, you’re on a Tour with likeminded motoring enthusiasts. From start to finish we’ll create an unforgettable Supercar Tour Experience for you.


Our existing tours are perfect for individuals looking to join a Supercar Tour. Whether you have a supercar already, or if you want us to find you the perfect supercar to hire, then we can help you. If you're an individual looking to become The Driver and join other clients on a Supercar Tour, then see our existing Supercar Events.

Private Groups

We can create a tailor made Tour for a private group. We will organise all the details and work with you to create the ultimate Supercar Tour event. You tell us the details from the supercars, the venue, the entertainment in the evenings, to the route...we'll do it all. All you'll need to do is arrive, drive and enjoy!

Contact us to bespoke a Supercar Tour.

Corporate Businesses

We can create a corporate event for your business to entertain staff, clients or colleagues. Supercar Tours are a great way to incentivise your work force, launch a new product or build relationships with new and existing clients. This is the ultimate corporate experience and we'll create an unforgettable tour for you.

See our Corporate page for more details.

We can create the perfect Supercar Tour for you. So get in touch today to talk to our team about how we can create the perfect experience for you, your friends or your business.