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Driven By Speed, Power and Luxury.

The Drivers Room are a group of experienced and dedicated professionals. Like you, we have true passion for all things motoring and motorsport — but with a twist.

We believe things should start and end with you; you are The Driver and you call the shots. Our professional Dino Zamparelli has raced in world class events, and stood on podiums across Europe; he understands the thrill and sense of achievement that only motorsport can offer. Our aim is to share that feeling with you. Experience is a commonly used word, but it’s a useful way to describe our products. We believe an experience should be something intangible, something sublime, and something that is difficult to put into words that only top sports people and racing drivers know.

That’s why we want to immerse you in the experience — to remember every sensation you felt while driving — the sights you saw — the people you met. You are The Driver. You drive your own experience.

The Professional

Dino Zamparelli enables us to drive real knowledge and experience into our products.

With over 14 years’ of experience in racing and business; Dino knows what he’s doing. He has raced and driven cars in the likes of Formula Renault, World Series Renault, GP3, GP2, DTM, McLaren GT3, Classic Cars, and the Porsche Carrera Cup.

Dino ensures we’re in good hands to deliver a truly immersive experience that you’re going to remember.

How We Do It

We work closely with experts in Track Days, Race Day Hospitality events, Filming Events, and Supercar Tours. Our associates have many years of experience in their respected fields and are united with putting you at the centre of your experience.

‘The Experience’ has been designed to provide the client with the ultimate Driving and Motoring experiences. Whether an individual, a group of friends or a corporate business, we aim to deliver the same experience so that everyone leaves The Experience with a smile and a burning desire to return.

‘The Collection’ is coming soon and has been designed to provide the customer with an array of Luxury Motoring products. Motor Racing is glamorous, it’s luxurious and it’s sexy. 

I’ve driven many cool and expensive racing cars over many years and have been involved with many teams, sponsors and brands. My role at The Drivers Room is to bring all of that experience and knowledge gained, and drive it into this project. When I go to race, I must make sure I prepare, plan and then execute to as high a degree as I can. At The Drivers Room, I make sure everything is delivered exactly how I would expect to deliver in a race to go and succeed.
— Dino Zamparelli

Get in touch today to speak to us about how you can join us at The Drivers Room or how we can create the perfect experience for you.